You can read about this research in JAMA.

You can read about this research in JAMA .Experts say that a mere 1-2 point increase in blood pressure, an increase of 10 percent in the risk of an adult means having high blood pressure problems.cell death andpeutics doses first patient in Phase II STOP-HF trialJVS-100, encodes the main project of the company product Stromal cell-derived factor 1 , which has been shown to damaged tissue through recruitment of circulating stem cells repair the site of injury, prevention of cell death, and running recovery of blood flow.

In the U.S.f the blood pressure in the United States continues to rise and health care authoritiesThe number of children, the development of high blood pressure is rising steadily, according to new research. The health authorities are involved in this steady increase. High blood pressure at an early age increases drastically. Risk of heart problems, stroke and a number of other health problems later in life .Had reported in a study, Added and in the June issue of the Journal of the American College of Surgeons, Makary and his team have applies which weakness trial 594 patients age via 65 years who undergo elective surgery between July 2005 July 2006 -. That results show that patients who are frail, 2.5 times as is likely as those who were not suffer about an post operative complication, 1.5 times as probable in the hospital in the hospital and 20 times is likely or on a care home assisted living facility were to be released after they above life at home.. Martin A. Frailty forecasted Surgical outcomes in the elderly.

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