Two patients with vocal cord dysfunction.

Under normal conditions At Work May Cause Vocal Cord Dysfunctionresearchers from the UAB and the Vall d’Hebron hospital, two patients with vocal cord dysfunction, the cough and difficulty breathing caused were affected by irritating inhaled in inhaled into the diagnosis workplace. Until now, the medical literature had two cases of two cases of patients with occupational vocal dysfunction.

Vocal cord dysfunction is a disease produced by a closure in the vocal cords by inhalation. Under normal conditions, the vocal cords would be open. It is a relatively common disease that is often given to asthma patients is mistaken symptoms such as coughing, feeling of choking, wheezing, hoarseness and difficulty breathing, the. Sometimes the conditions are so severe that the patient needs to be intubated or even taken to the intensive care unit. The diagnosis of this dysfunction is based on observing the flattening of the inspiratory limb in the flow-volume curve and observing the closure of the vocal cords with a laryngoscope..After setting up the data of potential confounders, provided the researchers note that when compared to the reference group, as a the chances death of 16 percent at Kliniken weight from 25 to 50 patients patients and 37 percent in clinics with more 50 percent minority stake patients seem to raise. Hospitals having least 25 percent of the shares patients tended to at be level report 1 trauma centers of and teaching hospitals.