To June 2005

To June 2005, Variations in Louisiana Health Care Services before HurricanesThere were significant differences in cost, quality and utilization of health services in Louisiana before hurricanes Katrina and Rita, according to a report from Tulane University, commissioned the Baton Rouge Advocate reports. The report was from the from the Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana Foundation and conducted by Health Dialog Analytics Solutions. For the report, researchers examined claims from July 2004 to June 2005, presented by Blue Cross, Medicaid and Medicare – the three largest state .

Health Policy. Healthcare as an important issue in 2008 Presidential Election, addiction PollGiuliani Cancer Ad presidential candidate and former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani said on Friday that he information information from 2000, but as today defended on the five-year survival rate for prostate cancer in the UK in a recently launched campaign advertising, Long Iceland Newsday reports (Gordon, Long Iceland Newsday.

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In USA Today on Wednesday, as part of consecutive serial about retiring problems 21st ,, it was investigated like many of the 1.6 million baby boomers at age 62 that will right to social reliability this year because of the cost of health care and other economic considerations have pushed diagrams to retirement .

OF Isis Pharmaceuticals,Isis uses his expertise in the stranded RNA explore and developing new drug to its product pipeline and for its partners. The enterprise has being successfully marketed the world’s first antisense drug and has 18 drugs in development. Isis ‘ drug development process program be. In the handling of the cardiovascular and metabolic diseases Isis ‘ partners to develop antisense drugs invented from Isis for treating a variety of diseases. Ibis Biosciences, Isis ‘ majority-owned subsidiary is developing and marketing this Ibis T5000 biosensing System, a revolutionary system diseases and infectious organisms. Isis is a co out of Regulus Therapeutics LLC Report problem , a joint venture in the discovery, develop and commercialize Micro RNA drugs focused. As the innovator at stranded RNA – based drug discovery and development of, Isis is the owner or exclusive licensee of over 1,500 issued patents the world. More information on Isis is available on.