Tissue damage caused by heart attacks and strokes brought under control http://kamagaz.com.

November.ential, Heart and Stroke treatments After discovering Enzyme EnhanceA Queen ‘s University study sheds new light on the way one of our cell enzymes, tissue damage caused by heart attacks and strokes brought under control. Under control http://kamagaz.com .Led by Biochemistry Professor Peter Davies, the research team’s of new drugs useful in the development of new drugs reduce reduce heart disease and stroke recovery, of of Alzheimer’s and other neurological degenerative diseases. – ‘This is particularly exciting because the enzyme structure , we were looking for – and the manner of its inhibitor blocks activity without itself damaged – have proved so difficult, until now,’says Dr. Canada Research Chair in Protein Engineering.

The team’s findings will be on-line in the international journal, on Thursday, on Thursday, November.Is needed in remodeling proteins for cell growth, and the movement to use our cells the enzyme calpain cancel pieces of other proteins. Calpain is activated and off, releases short bursts of calcium.

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Humans had a healthy diet with high in complex carbohydrates significant populations of microorganisms in the gut as a the Firmicutes. These bacteria use the undigested remnants starch and proteins in the large intestine to short-chain fat and vitamins such folic acid and biotin colonic colon health maintenance. One of these fatty acid butyrate provides not only most of the power to to keep a healthy gut wall, but it also regulates to cell growth and differentiation. A combined experimental and human trials to support its role in the reduction risk of colon cancer. And 7 Is however well microbial and toxic products out of food residues. A diet high in meat produced sulfur – These reduce the activity to the ‘good’bacteria of methane methane and increases production of hydrogen sulphide and other possible carcinogens with sulfur – reducing bacteria are. ‘cancer is the second leading cause of the cancer deaths in adults in the Westernized communities said Professor O’Keefe,’Our data suggest to a diet which runs the health of the intestinal wall also, which overall physical health care keeps and reduces artery disease. ‘Diets rich in fibers and resistant starch is promotes growth of good bacterial and increases production of SCFA, reduce risk of cancer while a high meat and fat diet reduces the number of these friendly bacteria ‘a professor O’Keefe continue. ‘Our studies have focused on a small number of bacterial species and thus reveals only the tip of an iceberg, out our colon the port above 800 species of bacteria and 7 000 different stems. The characterization of their to characterize their properties of and metabolism in that ask to provided key for the colon health and sickness. ‘.

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