Thisly Poor Go To The Hospital MoreDespite free public healthcare.

Thisly Poor Go To The Hospital MoreDespite free public healthcare, Italy poor are likely to end up in hospital with preventable conditions, such as new research shows. This pattern, reported in the online open access journal BMC Public Health, mirrors findings from a number of different health care systems around the world, although far fewer studies have been completed in Europe.

A research team led by Nera Agabiti to the Department of Epidemiology, ASL RM / E Rome used hospital discharge data from 2000 from Rome, Bologna, Turin and Milan led. Diabetes, hypertension , congestive heart failure , angina pectoris , chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and asthma: patients with chronic illnesses patients with chronic diseases six. These ambulatory care sensitive conditions are disorders where hospitalization is potentially preventable with proper care and medication. Well for ACSCs be increasingly an indicator of the an indicator of the primary health care efficacy.‘Both CDX – 011 and CDX-1307 is enormous potential in the treatment of most difficult to cancer shown,’said Anthony Marucci , President and Chief Executive Officer of of Celldex Therapeutics. Arms of for the two candidates and we look forward on reporting additional clinical experience data in the immediate future. ‘.