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John Mann, Moreover, there were Hospital and KfH Kidney Centre, Munich, Germany) and his colleagues studied the effects of Avosentan on proteinuria and kidney function in patients with type 2 diabetes and kidney disease through a multicenter, multinational, double-blind – blind, controlled trial. The ASCEND study enrolled 1392 patients Avosentan already for kidney disease and randomized to Avosentan 25 mg administered treated 50 mg or placebo.

Researchers blocking the blocking the endothelin peptide to develop a promising new treatment strategy for patients with proteinuria. Endothelin antagonists such as oral Avosentan are already available and are prescribed for patients with cardiovascular disease.. Despite aggressive treatments, patients with kidney disease often experience proteinuria or excessive loss of protein in the urine, which increases kidney damage. A key factor in the development of proteinuria is endothelin, which by constricting blood vessels and raising blood pressure causes renal kidney function the filter.Of the population which hard in the fish oils have a positive effect patients with risk of Alzheimer’s.

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