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The recommended core subjects and suggested minimum number of verifiable CPD hours per cycle that dentists should have to spend on them: a medical emergency b. Disinfection and decontamination c. X-ray and radiation protection .The scientists gather now an ultrasonic monitoring more tongues cancer patients a database to a database for surgeon that perform partial tongue resection of surgery. The survival rate in the of tongue cancer 70 and 80 %, says Bressmann. Therefore, surgeons must do a very good job, as people many times live with its reconstruction of on a long, long period. The study, Institutes of Health Research Institutes of Health Research is published in the January – February issue by Clinical Linguistics Unit & Phonetik.

The study that step towards assessing the biomechanics effects of the various reconstructive techniques on your tongue moving to question. Now we can the direction of the direction the ideal the ideal method of reconstruction for various lesion locations and extension of the work, so that we will speech clarity speech intelligibility results of each patient. .. Bressmann Tim , a professor in the Division of Speech-Language Pathology, and his colleague Jonathan Irish an Professor at the Dept. Of Otorhinolaryngology or Head Neck Crab surgeon at the Princess Margaret Hospital are which first researchers to use the 3 – Germany ultrasound at assess regular and in part resectioned tongues in the manufacture of speech sounds.