The scientists describe monitoring arsenic in the urine of volunteers

The scientists describe monitoring arsenic in the urine of volunteers. They found that the ability to eliminate arsenic from the body vary widely, with some participants excrete up to 95 % of the absorbed arsenic removal but other less than four % read more . ‘This observed variability in handling[ arsenic] exposure has considerable implications for the risk assessment of arsenic ingestion, ‘the paper states. It adds that further study needed to identify potential risks to humans consuming to judge fish products. ‘The data presented here indicate that the long held view that seafood arsenic is harmless because it is re-evaluated re-evaluated as mainly organic arsenic compounds must.

Other in the ability eliminate arsenic from the bodyThere are striking differences in the nations ability to eliminate arsenic from the body, according to a new study that questions existing standards for assessing the risk human health from the potentially toxic substance. The study found that some people are to eliminate consumed more than 90 % of the arsenic in the diet. Other store arsenic in their bodies where it can have harmful effects. The research, at the first application of new methods for studying arsenic based, for 21 September issue of of ACS Chemical Research in Toxicology, a monthly journal.

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