The results showed that the mortality rate for all county income decreased check information here.

The results showed that the mortality rate for all county income decreased. Between 1966 and 1980 declined absolute and relative inequities in premature mortality, especially for people of color. After 1980, increased to injustice, while absolute injustice remained flat check information here . The same tendencies were clearly for the inequities in infant mortality.

Quantifying the impact of socio-economic and racial / ethnic disparities in premature mortality, the authors found that from 1960 to 2002, 14 percent of white premature deaths and fully 30 percent of premature deaths have not occurred among people of color all persons, experienced the same year age-specific premature mortality rates as whites living in the affluent areas. In the U.S.roviding a more complete picture of the trends in mortality and disparities, the researchers are able to guess the results. One possible explanation is that health inequalities in the earlier period because of the positive effect of social programs in the 1960s, as the narrowed ‘War on Poverty’, the creation of Medicare, Medicaid and community health centers , and civil rights legislation. Beginning in the 1980s there was a general rollback in public health and poverty alleviation programs in the U.S., which expansion expansion and persistence of health disparities beginning in the 1980s.

Source: Michele Giugliano Ecole Polytechnique Q GB rale de Lausanne?

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