The researchers hope that the findings

Secret behind long-lasting memories – A new study by researchers at Wake Forest University School of Medicine may reveal how long-lasting memories form in the brain . The researchers hope that the findings, now available online and an upcoming issue of an upcoming issue of Neuroscience, may one day help scientists develop treatments to prevent and treat conditions such as post-traumatic stress disorder – .

For the current study, Hegde and colleagues studied how norepinephrine helps female mice remind me of the scent of their male partners after they are exposed only once during mating.

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How influenza season in hits, physicians and other of State and Government like healthcare workers and sound comfort of patients do not get sick or potentially spread of germs. Therefore, front-line Health Care professionals top flight of the H1N1 vaccine recipient be priorities list. – We can not to get people sick with a anyone caring for them, we must do what we can do to in the health hold good and on the labor market, said Ed Sherwood, chairman of the Houston Medical Association Committee on the Infectious Diseases and a member of TMA Be Wise – ImmunizeSM Advisory Panel. Of course we have to ensure that our staff have not in the health care transmission of disease and makes a challenging problem even worse. .

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