The Philadelphia Inquirer reports to be granted

An FDA advisory panel voted 10-2 on Thursday recommending against Merck’s cholesterol-lowering drug Mevacor over-the-counter status, the Philadelphia Inquirer reports to be granted. Although FDA is not bound by its advisory committees recommendations, it usually follows them (Stark, Philadelphia Inquirer, The decision is the third time that an Board has rejected such request from Merck, the Wall Street Journal reported., The panel said, it is unclear whether the consumer to use the medication properly without leadership (by their physicians Wilde Mathews, Wall Street Journal .

Merck argues that such a lower dose statin would be available without prescription to help people with moderately high cholesterol control their condition the drug maker also said that among high-risk patients who should be monitored, some are not to begin under medical care, so OTC Mevacor would help them prevent heart attacks. This is a real opportunity, Edwin Hemwall, executive director of the global OTC Merck, the legal and scientific issues, he added: We are disappointed we felt presented a compelling argument. (AP / Long Iceland Newsday.

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