The opponents of the new national health reform won a round.

The Sacramento Bee: Decision on Health Care Reform Act is unlikely sticking after earlier defeats in federal court, the opponents of the new national health reform won a round. Now that we have a split among the courts, it is virtually certain, Bute U.S. Supreme Court will ultimately decide the issue. In the meantime, the states, including California, which supports affordable access to health care continue to aggressively push forward with the implementation of the right .

Of the law a mandate to the mandate to buy health insurance is an unconstitutional violation of the individual liberty and an unconstitutional interference by the federal government on the prerogatives of state governments. But do not consider do not consider an important fact: the constitutional validity of the Medicare program with judge Hudson. And it raises some intriguing questions for Republicans in Congress, as they take the reins of power in the house to prepare. What happens to health care coverage and Delivery in the United States, if the health care reform bill moves forward, but without a single mandate? What happens, especially for the proposed ban on insurance companies denying coverage based on pre-existing conditions? We know the possible answers to these questions.In which Junior study, Katti and researcher Raghuraman Kannan, of the Michael J and Sharon R. Bukstein Distinguished Faculty Scholar in Cancer Research, assistant professor of Radiologists and director of manufacturing nanoparticles core facility and Nripen Chanda, researcher academics, blended golden salts cinnamon and the mixture was was stirred in water The new process uses gold nanoparticles. The new process uses no power and uses no toxic substances are. The process of developed to developed is non-toxic, Kannan. No chemicals are used in the creation of gold nanoparticles, except gold salts of. It is a true green processes. – From our work at green nanotechnologies, is be appreciated that Zimt – of secondary metabolites serve as a reservoir of phytochemicals and has the capability – and related species such as herb, leaves and seeds process chain from the to to convert at nanoparticles, Katti said.