The investigators are also planning a proteomics study

The investigators are also planning a proteomics study, said all proteins on the string develop a develop a complete diagnostic profile of the disease, Ackerman. – ‘These grants provide us with an excellent opportunity to expand our understanding of this difficult, emerging disease increased increased in recognition, and may in frequency in frequency. ‘ here .

The AGA awarded Ackerman and Furuta its 2008 translational research award, causing the mechanisms by the changes in esophageal disease, including determining the growth of scar tissue to regulate. Researchers will. The string test for biomarkers of the changes disease to characterize the disease and the team to investigate an unrestricted gift for research pathogenic mechanisms in eosinophilic esophagitis and related gastrointestinal diseases. CURED has more than $ 1.4 million increase in the past five years, most recently. Love as beneficiaries of the annual Highland Park High School fund-raising event, the $ 500,000 raised this year.

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