The Bonn researchers have a total of 30 patients with major depression.

Admittedly, the division of the groups is not random, which reduces the reliability of the results made, Wagner warns. The number of patients, the part is also too small for us to draw definitive conclusions about the effectiveness. However, other studies confirm that the effect of magnetic stimulation of the patient is to improve mood. University of Bonn, D – 53012 Bonn.. The Bonn researchers have a total of 30 patients with major depression, either with electro-shock or magnetic stimulation treatment.

Doctors, nurses and hospital staff wish Mr. Moreno, his wife and his family all the best in his continued recovery.To respect the privacy of Mr. Moreno and his family, No other details available.This isagnetic Fields Aid Severe DepressionFor severe depression is electroconvulsive therapy nowadays the last hope. However, it can impair memory for weeks after therapy. Alternative seems alternative seems by what are called ‘transcranial magnetic stimulation’be known. This is the conclusion. To the doctors and psychologists of the Bonn University Clinic in an article that has just been published in the British Journal of Psychiatry .‘It is clear that use of bisphosphonates attenuate bone loss,’concludes Dr. ‘However, the optimal dosage and long-term implications is unclear and needs to be determined further actions the the osteoporosis, such as exercise, of vitamin D, avoiding cigarette, may also be advantageous.

##* This press release is available in EnglishAbout the Trial:.? Jonathan D. Adachi of McMaster University, Jacques P. Brown from the University Laval, I. Leah A. Canning and Karen A. Gelmon of the from Robert G. Josse and Kathleen Pritchard of Toronto University.