That Philippine Daily Inquirer reported.

We can certainly speculate that for overweight and obese pregnant women who are at least 15 pounds during pregnancy , won pregnancy is an important factor in the obesity epidemic because the general tendency is the weight the weight post-partum. .

Guidelines for weight gain during pregnancy should be revised, says expert: Obese women gain too much weightCurrent recommendations for weight gain during pregnancy – developed by the Institute of Medicine in 1990 – should be revised according to an internationally recognized obesity expert and chairman of obstetrics, gynecology and women’s health at Saint Louis University.

Recently, Hoping to developing a national policy for reproductive health to curb the distribution of HIV in in the Philippines, which girls, women and HIV / AIDS Network the called the called passing a reproductive health services accounting on the House of Representatives, that Philippine Daily Inquirer reported. During the last General Meeting of 26 October, said GWHAN lawmakers that their ‘responsibilities considered pioneers and leaders HIV representation of interests support for their support for passage of the reproductive health services accounting and rear organized group and network favor their stand immediate adoption. ‘The General Meeting is likely to advice to the the draft law continue.