Surprising Effects of Prescription Sleeping Pills

Some people are just dying for a good night’s sleep. This may make you reach for a prescription sleeping pill, but is that the best thing for you? Yes, an entire night’s sleep seems great, but is the surprising effects of the prescription sleeping pills really worth it? If you rely on them, you may be on your way to premature death. No one wants that. Here are some surprising side effects of sleeping pills that I bet your doctor or pharmacist will not tell you.

Hundreds of people who have taken prescription sleeping pills have claimed that the pills make them do things that they have no recollection of doing. If you do an internet search about sleeping pills, you will find lots of testimonies about some people who have taken their sleeping pill, gotten into their cars, and had an accident without even knowing it. One woman says that she took Ambien (a popular prescription sleeping pill) at a friend’s house, took a shower, and then watched some TV and fell asleep. She then apparently got into the car and crashed into an electrical pole. She says that she woke up in the hospital with no recollection of even falling asleep. Although it is uncommon, sleep driving seems to be awfully lethal and may lead to your premature death.

Sleeping Pills – a Cancer Risk?

Another surprising effect is that prescription sleeping pills may increase your risk for getting cancer. Researchers have documented a thirty five percent increased risk of cancer among people taking prescription sleeping pills compared to a non-prescription taking group. Users are not being notified of these risks. Cigarettes and tobacco products are required to have the risks printed on the label, but prescription sleeping pills are allowed to be sold with no label and no warning signs. The risks need to be placed on the drug’s label.

Don’t Take the Chance
There are also many other risks associated with sleeping pills. If you do a simple internet search, you will see that your chances of asthma, heart disease, diabetes, kidney disease, obesity and reflux may also be caused by prescription sleeping pills. All of these things can add to a premature death.

If you need a good nights sleep, try some all natural suggestions first before you reach for the sleeping pills. Cutting your life short definitely isn’t worth it nor is the risk of the many surprising side effects of sleeping pills.