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Vessel aneurysm is?Is a localized, blood filled bulge of a blood vessel , which is caused by disease or weakening of the vessel wall. Aneurysms most commonly occur at the base of the brain arteries, and the aorta . Called if it is in a vein , it is a venous aneurysm.. The team rehearsed the procedure using virtual surgical software. During surgery, they used a new ultrasound measure blood flow measure blood flow.A few days after surgery, the patient was discharged from the hospital with much better vision and no trace of the aneurysm.Dr Jonathan Milner, principal investor for the Cambridge angels said, CTC are a dynamic team, an innovative new technology develop multi market opportunity We are delighted which lead investor at seed-funding nd round and confident of the Company will make angel when a great asset to to Cambridge. ‘ view portfolio .

Shamus Husheer, CEO at Cambridge Temperature Concepts said: This utilized to be 375,000 in resources to finish our product development program and address the growing market in ovulation detecting , in addition to of the financing of, CTCs syndicate from private investors? level, us with valuable experience in adoption of new technology to market and we are pleased that important step towards helping more pairs of built families known to be. .. Cambridge Capital Group said: We happy to participate in this challenging new projects investments Our investors by strong business CTC models, that much needed relief to of the many couples who to experience difficulties promises to conception of were impressed.