Septic complications after stapled hemorrhoidopexy are rare.

Septic complications after stapled hemorrhoidopexy are rare. Considered. The severe sepsis and their Teatment including both surgical and non-surgical treatment of hemorrhoids remain uncertain. Many different types of treatment have been installed varying from surgical interventions such as debridement with end – colostomy to applying intravenous antibiotics only. When the staple line is intact, a conservative approach seems to be sufficient. Surgery seems to be mandatory when a rectal tear is diagnosed or the staple line does not To intact. To authors’opinion, allowed to compare the latter with a rectal perforation.

In case of an intraperitoneal perforation, they always do prefer resection of the injured rectum with an anastomosis and with or without diverting colostomy or ileostomy. In case of extraperitoneal perforation of the treatment depends on the extent of the perforation. Antibiotics and bowel rest are permitted as sole therapy in small perforations. Large perforations and / or severe sepsis require a redirect colostomy or ileostomy.. Many different types of treatment were to be observed for rectal perforations. Some other authors tried treatment of treatment of rectal perforations. They found that intraperitoneal rectal perforations the colon or the colon or sigmoid perforations considered.The first time Bishops ‘Conference endorsed Condom Use prevent under couples HIV, official said The Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines recently endorsed using condoms among married couples a a method transmitting HIV, Edwin Corros, Managing to prevent which CBCP the Episcopal Commission to counseling to migrants and Itinerant People, said recently , reports the Philippine Star / ABS CBN News. But added but added that condom use or would be the ‘last resort. ‘.