Says Frost & Sullivan Senior Research Analyst Sowmya Rajagopalan

‘The demand for incontinence devices was due to the increased incidence of this disease heaving under a rapidly aging population,’says Frost & Sullivan Senior Research Analyst Sowmya Rajagopalan. ‘In addition, the use of these medical devices to be more advantageous than medications that probably unknown long-term effects will be viewed more info . ‘.

Currently, the catheter segment source of revenue source of revenue for this market. the intermittent catheters sub-segment registering robust growth due to strong infection control regulations.

‘spite ten years the progress of, humans which are disadvantaged yet disproportionately the load of cardiovascular disease. We should be with the goal of the level of mortality in the whole country to the latest version in South East or lesser.

The American Society of Hypertension stated , introducing a new educational initiative hypertension and related cardiovascular disease – the ASH Hypertension Accreditation Program – improving the educational level of of the Allied Health professionals and pharmaceutical sales. Whilst these rigorous academic program will be designed to meet the educational needs of each target group, it is is designed to be all stakeholders improve in understanding of of hypertension and associated cardio diseases, improve the flow of information and partnerships with providers who attempt order improve treatment outcomes.