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The new compactips New Handheld Ultrasound System offers premium picture quality in a portable systemRoyal Philips Electronics today announced the launch of its advanced handheld ultrasound system the Philips CX50 CompactXtreme. Designed to meet the needs of cardiologists for clear diagnostic data at the bedside to be fair, the new compact system, the image quality of a traditional, premium, full-size system offers the convenience of portability. – After extensive research into clinicians ‘ needs, we have a laptop system that will help them get patients quickly – no matter where they are in the hospital or clinic and the high quality images regardless of produce can conceived the difficulty of the situation by the hand, said Anne LeGrand, senior vice president and general manager, ultrasound, for Philips Healthcare. – Doctors told us that small, portable systems of advantage as long as the image quality can help them make a reliable diagnosis are If poor image quality from a handheld system results in inconclusive data, difficult to scan costs may be required. Additional time and money. The CX50 is designed to consistently high picture quality even in technically challenging patients. .

WHEN:.Wednesday, September, 00 and 16:30 – AND-Thursday, September, 00 clock – 1: 30 PMWHEREUri audience Weill Cornell Medical College in 1300 York Avenue The first day provides. A lively debate about the future of human embryonic stem cell the second day will include presentations present by the world’s top stem cell research the timetable is following:.