Quark IND for DGFi.

The product was discovered and Quark Quark for use in kidney transplantation. Rights to the AtuRNAi structure DGFi licensed Quark by Silence Therapeutics.. , which, Quark IND for DGFi, an siRNA Therapeutic on Unique Proprietary Silence Therapeutics ‘ Chemistry BasedSilence Therapeutics plc today announced that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has Quark Pharmaceuticals Inc Investigational New Drug Application for a unique siRNA therapeutic product on Silence ‘s proprietary chemistry.

Ischemia and reperfusion injury in the critical process DGFi uses the same active AtuRNAi molecule as AKIi – 5, which is for the treatment of quark develop acute renal injury.. DGFi prevention and treatment of allocated for the prevention and treatment of delayed graft function with kidney transplantation. DGF is a syndrome, caused by ischemia and reperfusion, which often occurs when in the kidneys in the kidney from a donor In patients with into the patient. In patients with DGF, the transplanted kidney will not function properly and requires intervention by dialysis. DGFi to temporarily inhibit the activity of the p53 gene, which, with apoptosis – programmed cell death, and it is believed that.Which samples tested, the technique identify the number of chromosomes correctly 58 including two cases trisomy 21 Although a case is unidentified of trisomy 21, and a normal sample has been incorrectly as trisomy 21, the to emphasize researchers that this is a preliminary study identified and that additional studies needed for fine-tuning of the art.. Ravinder Dhallan and colleague took blood samples of 60 pregnant women and extracted fetal DNA of these samples.