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Plus sonography can, breast cancer in women used with palpable lesions Help When mammography and sonography together to evaluate tangible breast lesions, it can be performed to exclude cancer in most patients, according to a recent study by researchers at Baystate Health in Springfield, however, rarely, tumors can not be diagnosed using this imaging protocol best for male power . ‘We are interested in finding out how effective mammography and sonography were, when they meet, what the exclusion of breast cancer in women with palpable findings,’said Erica Tyler, lead author of the study. ‘Our study is different from others because after enrollment, patients we long for at least 3 years watching to see if any of the palpable lumps were later diagnosed as malignant,’she said. The study evaluated 414 palpable breast lesions with both mammography and sonography -. Imaging of 167 lesions was negative, normal-appearing normal-appearing breast tissue in the area of clinical concern and no mammographic or sonographic findings of palpation. Among the 167 women with negative mammography and sonography, 120 diagnostic diagnostic endpoint with 28 patients undergoing a biopsy showed that no cancer and 92 patients with no evidence of malignancy on follow-up of at least 36 months. There were 118 true-negative and two false-negative cases, said Dr. The NPV when using mammography and sonography together was 98 percent, she said. The study showed that both false-negative lesions ‘increasingly suspicious on clinical examination and later significantly by imaging,’said Dr. A false-negative lesions occurred in a patient with heterogeneously dense tissue and was diagnosed 74 months after first clinical discovery. The second false-negative lesion occurred in extremely dense tissue and was diagnosed 81 months after the initial discovery. Our results support other studies other studies on the occasion, palpable tumors may not detectable both mammography and sonography, and this combination of imaging is not out of malice, ‘said Dr. She said:’Even on our results, long-term clinical and imaging follow-up may be required over five years, all tangible forms of cancer mammography and sonography mammography and sonography are meaningless diagnosed based. ‘.

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