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Patient successfully, the primary endpoint in the U.S. Phase III study with intravenous AAT MetKamada , a biopharmaceutical company that develops, manufactures and markets a range of specialty life-saving therapeutics, announced that it its primary endpoint its primary endpoint in the phase III U .S. Clinical trials with its intravenous Alpha-1 – antitrypsin . The product is to be treated to the hereditary AAT deficiency that leads congenital emphysema. David Tsur, Chief Executive Officer of Kamada, commented: It is a great achievement for Kamada in the future entry into the U.S. Market shows that the world continues to the quality of our products and capabilities for the benefit of AAT-deficient patients, the. Company intravenous AAT is the only ready-to-use AAT product that no reconstitution prior to use is the same Kamada developing the next generation AAT for various indications, which are delivered by inhalation directly into the lungs . On behalf of the Alpha-1 Foundation we would like to congratulate Kamada for this outstanding achievement, said John W. President and Chief Executive Officer of the Alpha-1 Foundation, and added, The Alpha-1 Foundation estimates that more than 100,000 potential patients in the U.S. Alone of Congenital emphysema , in suffering a disease that is caused by an inherited deficiency of AAT with with less than 10 % currently and many of them are not treated. Given the recent progress Kamada and potential of their AAT product, many U.S. Alpha-1 – patients with tension expect the product launch. .

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