Mobile healthcare or mHealth uses the broad adoption of mobile telephones in country.

Computer simulations explain the limitations of working memoryResearchers at the Swedish medical university Karolinska Institutet have front a mathematical activity model of the brain and upper parts designed to increase the understanding of the capacity of the working memory and how the billions of neurons in the brain interact. They they had with this ‘model brain ‘a mechanism in the brain is the neural network number of elements are usually save in memory at any one time to seven can limit.

For their project, the researchers used techniques from different scientific fields, their application to previously known data on the nerve cells and their synapses function biochemically and electrophysiologically. They then developed, using mathematical tools, a form of simulated virtual computer model, or the brain. With this model with this model brain were carried out fMRI experiments to confirm the researchers found that the calculations were actually answers to the questions, – permitted asked. – It is like a computer program for aircraft designers, says Fredrik Edin, PhD in computational neuroscience. .

Mobile healthcare or mHealth uses the broad adoption of mobile telephones in country, about to health with health Messaging for health promotion and prevention. The aim of this short campaign was potential of the potential of mHealth. It aims at to raise awareness and interest of point the possibility to collect information in real time and shows easy contact with citizens to create mobile phones.

About which World Health Organisation WHO supervising and coordinating authorities on health in of framework of the United Nations. It is responsible for providing guiding in global health, shaping the health research agenda system and standards, articulated evidence-based policy options, technical assistance to the countries and the supervision and assessing health trends. For further information.