Low-income householdsommends Community Pharmacy As a distributor of vitamin supplements www.medhcl.com.

Low-income householdsommends Community Pharmacy As a distributor of vitamin supplements, UKThe NPA have made recommendations, NICE Public Health Programme ‘to improve guidelines for the nutrition of pregnant and breastfeeding mothers and children in low-income households www.medhcl.com . ‘The NPA recommends that the program includes a community pharmacy role as provider of Healthy Start vitamin supplements.

In addition, community pharmacists are able to advise women who are overweight or obese before they offer pregnant. Manager saidies also carry weight control clinics. Ruth Wakeman NPA Information Department Manager, said: ‘Community pharmacies would be an ideal way to expand the provision of Healthy Start vitamin supplements with the roller, the NPA with other pharmacy bodies have been discuss to the Department of Health the need appear. Distribution mechanism through community pharmacies for these products.


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