* Limit use to include an antimicrobial agent in food producing animals.

* Limit use to include an antimicrobial agent in food – producing animals, the veterinary oversight or counseling. Many of these drugs are are administered to food – producing animals without veterinary supervision.

###About the Centenary InstituteThe Centenary Institute, an independent medical research institute with Royal Prince Alfred Hospital and the University of Sydney is connected. Our unique blend of highly qualified staff and state-of – the art equipment and facilities has allowed us leader leader in three critical areas of medical research. Cancer, cardiovascular and infectious diseases For more information about the Centenary Institute, visit.For this reason we believe over 10 years of will be an instrumental part the progressive one of the main objectives of CIRM helping supply delivery of stem cell based therapies and treatments to the clinic and the patient. .. USC proposal from receive formal approval by the Independent Citizens Oversight Committee , the 29 – a member Management Board to the Institute. CIRM out involves technical aspects of a candidate building program and how the scientific program aimed by its target. These facilities will host fundamental and clinical researchers, in conjunction with of stem cells – specific nuclear laboratory virtually in the hallway – an arrangement critical say to our increase the pace of accelerate the pace of research for the clinical application, Alan Trounson CIRM CIRM.