Konrad Jamrozik.

Low Free Testosterone concentration men as potentially treatable cause of depressive symptoms in elderly Osvaldo P. Almeida, FRANZCP; Bu B. PhD, Graeme J. MD, Konrad Jamrozik, DPhil;. Leon Flicker, PhD Archives of General Psychiatry 64 :283-289 Click here.

3,987low testosterone levels affect depression in older men?A recent article in the Archives of General Psychiatry reported that older men with depression have lower overall cost and free testosterone in the blood, but a randomized controlled trial is needed to determine whether the association is causal.‘Vaccines tremendous potential disease and disease and, as Last data is not available, practices should change their vaccination practices the impact of the effect,’the researchers write in its findings. ‘amendments into vaccination programs comprise practically no cost and has the potential for great advantage of. This relatively minor change in pediatric practice might reducing the burden on families and to society whooping cough and maybe of different vaccine-preventable diseases. ‘.