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By Dr. James for healthy feetWe of of our feet, we take it for granted and at much thought on how best to keep them healthy, goes to go wrong. This month, Harvard Health Letter, there is a four-page article about how feet and work three steps on how to make them according to Dr. James Ioli, chief of podiatry at Harvard – affiliated Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston and colleagues seek.

From squeezing toes into tight shoes, and we can also damage the metatarsals and Achilles tendon to the use of high heels.. The opposite of pronation, called oversupination or walking too far on the outside edge of the foot, to similar problems.Another problem is flexible flat feet, which affects about 1 in 5 adults. This is when the sheets in the feet out smooth under the weight, but then return to their normal curved shape when the weight decreased. Also does not usually affect many people who have it, but it can get worse as they age, and especially if they put on weight. – Then there are a series of problems, ‘ ‘self-inflicted ‘because they are made to do things, causing them such as wearing high heels and ill-fitting shoes. These include hammertoes and bunions that.Is no product risk-free. Underpinned our work lie robust and fact-based judgments order to ensure that benefits for patients and the general public justify risks. We stand guard via medication and units take all measures the necessary measures to promptly promptly where there is one problem. We encourage everyone to fine. Health care professionals as well to the industries – for tell to us about any problems with a drug and medical device, so we study and all necessary steps.