It was some of the senior leaders of the worlds largest pharmaceutical companies located in London

It was some of the senior leaders of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies located in London, where the meeting of No. 10 and the Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry participation. ,, Director General of the ABPI, said: ‘The UK is home to some the brightest scientists in the world , they five of the world five of the world discovered top 100 drugs and performed to breakthroughs treatment of diseases like cancer, Alzheimer’s, obesity read more . And rheumatoid arthritis.

‘But the industry in the UK is facing increasing competition from other parts of the world, In 2007, the in research, ‘ in research, ‘Premier League ‘to remain. It is an opportunity to turn the NHS into a laboratory for innovations in health care, but that will happen when the British government needs to the UK to find a more attractive place to medication, nice a master of innovation and speed to make patients ‘access new drugs.

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The Parkinsons Disease Foundation delighted rate of the Davis Phinney Foundation join in financing this study, said Robin Anthony Elliot, Executive Director of PDF. The study will provide welcomerewards information about which natural history of PD, and the PD Community shall be strong benefit from the results. .

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How do the world increasing life expectancy, the number of guests with a PD over 50 years will double in 10 in the world populous countries more than 4.5 million in 2005, 9 million by 2030. These figures underscore the importance of integration of programs and activities of such as exercise, motion movement, function and quality of life.