In the PNAS paper click to follow.

In the PNAS paper, the researchers also showed that proteins carried by the gel emerge unscathed after delivery without adverse effects affect their function click to follow .

Zhang for the first time the material discovered in the early 1990s, and since then it has promise in regenerative medicine and stopping bleeding shown. Composed of themselves composing amino acid chains is the gel is about 99 % water.

The half-life on building half-life of drug to metabolic and endocrine diseases.

Versartis, by a special license contract with Amunix, uses proprietary Amunix recombinant PEGylation technology to the half-life from established biologics extended. The Versartis compounds of in developing with the potential to much less frequent dosing and fewer side effects compared those who products that. Currently on the market and in development to be ‘With VRS-859, we have a product candidates, a’best in class ‘GLP-1 analog for treatment of type 2 diabetes mellitus , this compound has like preclinical efficacy about exenatide in animal models and das. Prolonged half life in the four kinds supported monthly dosing in humans. -859-859 may also be administered in a small volume a small stylus, ‘said Jeffrey L. Cleland , Founder and CEO of Versartis.