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In the current study, Joakim Dillner, MD of the University of Lund in Malm, Sweden, the number of testsleagues compared the efficacy of 11 different screening strategies that HPV DNA testing, cytology, or a combination of the two uses? To evaluate the different strategies the investigators retrospectively analyzed data from 6,257 women who were included in the intervention arm of a large randomized screening trial, called Swedescreen where HPV DNA testing has been used in addition to standard cytology click to read click here .

False-positivel Cancer Screening, by HPV testing by cytology and repeat HPV Testing Followed it will improve the use of human papillomavirus DNA testing as an initial screening step triage with a standard Pap test followed, and repeat HPV DNA testing can cervical cancer cervical cancer, according to a study at the 13th January online edition of the Journal of the National Cancer Institute. Compared to cytology alone, the screening strategy improved detection of precancerous lesions without a significant increase the number of false-positive tests.

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