In a Perspectives piece in Science magazine go to this link.

In a Perspectives piece in Science magazine, discussing David Waltz of the Center for Computational Learning Systems at Columbia University and Bruce G. Buchanan of the computer science department at the University of Pittsburgh this brave new world of scientific research and their implications for the way science is conducted go to this link . You see it all as a promising trend, but to point out that the researchers to examine, obsolete. For automation and the need to rely on the human mind.

According to Waltz and Buchanan, the prospect of automating science also brings a series of questions that included how to make these new technologies are widely distributed and used, for example, how do we determine what to automate, what should stay human intervene, and how this newly automated research will. On the results and the scientific process It is also possible, Waltz and Buchanan suggest that these new tools are to be considered to produce more data and will help to solve one of the problems, therefore, they are meant.

Taryn Edward being third level of Clinical Nurse at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia is president of the NICU breastfeeding Committee, and a member of. Maternal and child health care – Leadership Academy it also serves in many other bodies within its own assembly as part of its application, written a colleague of: ‘If I had a seriously ill child, I would want Taryn cultivate his for my baby. ‘.

Inc. Lundbeck Neonatal Nursing Career Path ScholarshipsThe National Association of Neonatal Nurses is proud of proclaim the recipients of Lundbeck Neonatal Nursing Career Path Scholarships. The Programme enabled by a subsidy of Lundbeck Inc. possible for supporting clinical neonatal nurses to push their education and search neonatal nurse practitioners. Receiver Motria A. Lonchyna, RMC National Medical Center Washington Kids, and Taryn M. Edwards, RN in the pediatric hospital from Philadelphia, the scholarship holders was during the annual meeting NANN which excellent in Austin, TX. This is is the second year the fellowship was awarded. – ‘We are thrilled to the two deserving two deserving applicant,’said Robin Bissinger, Chief NANNP Rates. ‘Neonate nurse practitioners are an essential part of neonatal health, and we look forward that support of Lundbeck Inc. , these highly trained nurse to assist them in achieving this goal. Inc exhibited a strong dedication to the newborns the Community and improving care newborns, infants and to their families. ‘.