Examined in the first study of its kind.

Examined in the first study of its kind, UBC psychology researcher Jessica Tracy, such as pride and shame cultures, and be expressed in the congenitally blind. She compared the non-verbal expressions and body language of sighted, blind, and congenitally blind judo competitors from more than 30 countries, including Algeria, North Korea, Ukraine and the United States.

Asst. Tracy findings – published this week in the online Early Edition of the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences – show that human of pride and shame behaviors the same the same success and failure situations.Would not be better if result had just a few minutes taken from from the sample, while the patient is still there with the physician? downstream of the behind the EU-funded NEMOSLAB to developing an integrated develop an integrated ‘lab on a chip ‘that can simultaneously test a specimen for various molecules on the point of care – .

Other workmove NEMOSLAB Although the results look promising, it is too early towards commercialization. ‘We do not want to believe that we market its technology immediately,’says Misiakos. Aspects such as the sample preparation. ‘Not only can we in drop of blood, and share to achieve results. It must be treated and that on the device. On the device. ‘.