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Researchers at the University of Cincinnati and the University of Ibadan in Nigeria report these findings in the early 12th September online edition of the journal Science of the Total Environment. The researchers believe that the study – to be published in December print issue of the magazine – is the first report of new consumer paint lead levels in Africa . Nigeria lead latest economic recovery in increased activity in the construction industry and Nigeria – as in other African countries – the trade is with Asia, especially China, said Eugenious Adebamowo, the University of Ibadan and lead author of the study. It is important that the international regulations in place to support local efforts to ensure that the colors have less than recommended lead levels, with the objective the eventual elimination the eventual elimination of all lead from paint his, adds she added.

The ADVIA Centaur Cyclosporine assay allows laboratory professionals to mainstream testing into routine workflow with a simplified extraction and fully automated processing yielding an impressive 18-minute turnaround time The assay ADVIA Centaur expansive linear range reduces the need for. Dilutions, reducing the review time and the associated costs required.

DeVries wrote of the study, and other in their laboratory and to laboratories the importance of highlighted the importance of social isolation and relations with in health, specifically in recovery from heart attack and stroke.

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