During 57 sessions.

He was finally able to open and close the fingers of a prosthetic hand and use to capture a robot. Moving objects Despite a decrease in neural signals after 6.5 months, Nagle remained an active participant in the study and continued to support the clinical team in producing valuable feedback concerning the BrainGate technology.. During 57 sessions, learned from July 2004 to April 2005, at the New England Sinai Hospital and Rehabilitation Center, open simulated e-mail drag, circular shapes with a paint program on the computer and play a simple video game, ‘neural Pong ‘, with only his thoughts. He could change the channel and adjust the volume on a TV, even during a call.

The Brain Gate System of a composed 4×4 millimeter sensor, about the size of a baby aspirin, with 100. Known as neural spiking, the language of the brain. From surrounding neurons and guide them through thin gold wires to a titanium base, about an inch above the scalp of the patient protrudes An external cable connects the pedestal to computers, signal processors and monitors.‘This could lead further steps to fight cancer or developing possibilities to prevent certain infections and and even diseases There is another door that was opened by to on similar studies We have am now to see. If this using cattle. The next stage is by operate with other animals and see if that variations variants. We have examine for possible genetic resemblance with the chicken variants and then to determine whether these variants touching the animal’s health, but this is an exciting first step in this direction.