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The Journal of Pediatrics is a primary reference for the science and practice of pediatric helps and their subdivisions. This authoritative resource of original, peer-reviewed articles based clinical practice doctors to stay on the latest and ever-changing developments in pediatric medicine. The Journal of Pediatrics is in 3rd place of 78 pediatric medical journals . URL:.To scientists on A* STAR the Department of Medical Biology Singapore and the University of Hong Kong, Department of Medicine, the worldwide first of human expanding Too Old, Too Soon- – Human Modeling for rare genetic diseases shows new information on aging process of cell models which progeria, a disease which the world to serious premature aging in in four to eight millions child. This model has allowed them to make new discoveries about the mechanism to Progerie does. Their results were published this month which renowned journal Stem Cell.

– Said Prof. Colman, ‘While have mouse models of the premature aging informational, anyone murine model recapitulates all symptoms into human seen Our human progeria models we study the pathology of the disease in a much narrower original resolution than was previously permits available. ‘. On, Adela Foo Agency for Science, Technology and Research .. Spearheaded by IMF Profs Alan Colman and Colin Stewart, the team used a unique new technology for the disposal induced pluripotent stem cells from cells of the human progeria patients. That human progeria models enables that group to pursue and to analyze the characteristic features of progeria as it proceeding in human cells.