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Oral mucositis is a common and occurs often debilitating inflammation and ulcers in the mouth as a complication of cancer treatment. PMX – 30063 is currently in a Phase 2 clinical trial in patients with acute bacterial skin and skin structure infections Staphylococcus Staphylococcus bacteria. ‘to alleviate the ability of PMX – 30063 for the treatment of ulcerative mucositis in pre-clinical studies is significant and exciting,’commented Stephen T. Chief Medical Officer at Biomodels where the studies were performed, and a Professor of Oral Medicine at Harvard School of Dental Medicine and world-renowned expert in the clinical treatment and research of cancer related mucosal toxicities.

With the ability to potentially administer PMX – 30063 topically may also advantages over systemic approaches. .. . We continue to be inspired by the breadth of therapeutic possibilities for our defensin-mimetic compounds, said Nicholas Landekic, President and Chief Executive Officer of PolyMedix. There is a great need for effective treatment options for the hundreds of thousands of patients each year who take advantage ulcerative lesions develop as a result of their cancer treatment. A recent study from Northwestern University quantified the cost of additional resource on the management of patients with mucositis in over $ 17,000 as well as lengthening hospital stays, making this an expensive and serious medical problem.In a phase 1 clinical study INNO-206 was in doses up to six times the standard variation dosing doxorubicin without increasing observed adverse events via those who historical manages saw doxorubicin. U.S. The phase 1 trial of of 35 patients with with various cancers with INNO-206 treated skin were a partial tumor reduction of 20 patients were stable disease over the study. All three of partial remissions appeared with the higher dose range of dosage study of the safety.

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