Cost control follow to see more.

Cost control, and System Overhaul reduce reduce costs, writes columnist Health is one of the worst personal finance issues in coming years there will be unless the system is changed to universal access, cost control, and long-term financing to secure, Bloomberg columnist John Wasik writes in the Bloomberg / Boston Globe. He writes that the creation of a totally government-run program may be untenable and politically unacceptable, and that the way to a solution is merge both private and public interest. After Wasik, would such a hybrid health system benefit firms reduce cost areas, negotiate lower prices for services, base payments for services on performance and results, and to increase to determine the use of efficient technologies follow to see more . – He writes, Massive buying power through consolidation of separate programs and a public-private partnership would make health care available to more than 47 million, which does not cover. Wasik writes, is not the health care system picture of the future is cloudy, adding: It will financial consequences financial consequences if we do not take cover not down and prepare for a much harder year storm (Wasik, Bloomberg / Boston Globe.

AB 2899 is the way we revolutionize HIV testing in California, and we urgently need the Governor to sign this bill, said Michael Weinstein, President of AIDS Healthcare Foundation. In state-funded programs is extensive information and advice for each person tested regardless of how many times they. Treatment of young people who tests for the first time the same as a person in their forties or fifties dozens of times dozens of times does not make sense. This important reform can AHF, the largest HIV tester in California, and three times as many tests per hour, as we do now. Require the unanimous consent of the legislature of this common sense approach to HIV testing is very encouraging. .

End of the epidemic can be a reality when each with a holding in this fight – individual, communities, businesses and governments – combined order to address this devastating disease that demands a direct road toll to of the Latino community.

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