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The study, the first of its kind in England examined, the proportion of women aged 10-29 years, indicating the antibodies that they HPV HPV had. The researchers tested blood samples from 1483 girls and women for HPV types that can cause genital warts and cervical cancer. The results show that from the age of 14 years, of HPV infection of HPV infection greatly. Some HPV infections can cause cervical cancer in women and genital warts in women and men, although most infections with HPV cause no symptoms and clear on their own.

Andrew Vyse, the presentation of the study told the conference: This study gives us important information about September 17-19 infection is in young women , however,, however, has some limitations and does not give an accurate estimate of. Infection rates among young women in England therefore more work needs to be done. This study adds to what we already know about HPV, but we still need to learn more about the risks of infection and the risks for persistent infection and progression to cancer.The belief that additional portions of should cause fruits and vegetables Food as a little surprise for those who was even nurturing mother doting mother Sun. Dieticians broad consensus with researchers proposed to struck. That vegetable veggie – hard offer the Mediterranean diet be responsible for much portion of the positive effects on health.

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