California Suit details California complaint.

Lockyer said that the company charged Medi-Cal as much as 10 times more for some drugs , such as other groups, Lockyerpharmacies and hospitals collected. Lockyer said the extra cost was further inflated because healthcare had financial incentives prescribe medications prescribe drugs with the higher prices. Lockyer said the state estimated that each company could be liable for as much as $ 40 million (AP / Washington Post, California suit accuses the company of violating the state False Claims Act, which is up to three times of the cost of damages and penalties to to $ 10,000 per false claim (Wall Street Journal, Medi-Cal spends about 3.5 billion euros per year on prescription drugs, about 10 percent of the budget of $ 34 billion, said Lockyer (AP / Washington Post..

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As the leading organization in radiation oncology has, biology and physics, the Society is to encourage practical for Radiotherapy and Radiooncology at through promote excellence in patient care and offers opportunities for education and vocational development of, social and economic disseminating research results and representing of radiation oncology to a rapidly advancing devoted socio-economic health.. ##for more information about radiation therapy on capita and neck , please visit.

ASTRO is the largest Radiology and Oncology corporation in the world with some 8,500 with more than 8,500 members who in the treat patients with radiation therapies.