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But in Birmingham, Derbyshire, Tower Hamlets, Bradford and Sheffield projects were successful in services for the people under vision. Highlights these highlights these as an example of best practice and calls the other social and health care providers to follow their lead. Birmingham: Birmingham Focus on Blindness promotes visual loss information fairs in the community organized and community champions – trained local people to talk about gain gather feedback from the community. Devon: Living Options Devon organized about a month Outreach Forum where 15-20 people can share their problems.

However, black and minority ethnic communities still says Thomas Pocklington Trust, UKprojects in Birmingham, Derbyshire, Tower Hamlets, Bradford and Sheffield only thirteen are as ‘good practice ‘new guide to new guide to be providing vision people from black and ethnic minorities. – The guide, ‘people from black and ethnic minorities and Vision Services: A Good Practice Guide ‘, published this week by the sight loss charity Thomas Pocklington Trust , and is an important new resource for those, the Commission and the medical and social care.Four years after the devastating the Indian Ocean tsunami expellees millions of people, the American Red Cross is moving families who for their houses into a recently built parish lose the Maldives.