Blackburn shares the award with Carol W

Blackburn shares the award with Carol W. Greider of Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine and Jack W . Szostak of Harvard Medical School.The scientists discovered an enzyme that plays an important role in normal cell function as well as in cell aging, and most cancers. The enzyme is called telomerase , and it produces tiny units of DNA, the sealing of the ends of chromosomes containing the endogenous genes. These DNA units – called telomeres – protect the integrity of the genes and maintain chromosomal stability and accurate cell division. They also determine the number of times a cell divides – and thus determine the lifespan of the cells.

Khan says benefits of DOT the elimination of harmful radiation on the body as well as false positives and negatives by mammography X – rays are caused to be He adds that there are no harmful side effects to DOT, and some version of DOT could eventually be in a do – it-yourself approach to home managed in the next decade. Besides breast screening, he says it eventually may as part of other diagnostic procedures such as ultrasound used. Whilst not replace mammography, biomedical imaging, results of our research in various areas of in various areas of biomedical imaging, I can see that it will be one day machines to these at home be used by everyone at home is based, said Khan.

Low-costs. Are developing at Yale help to predict and diagnose eclampsia.

The team also found that the Congo Red Dot assay may be used as markers for the evaluation incorrectly folded proteins. The test is on a joint red coloring, initially use order Dyeing textiles, ie misfolded proteins is based glued. Pre-eclampsia Buhimschi and her team at found out that pre-eclampsia is a pregnancy – specific protein misfolding diseases. – ‘In this new work, we a connection between eclampsia and different diseases seen misfolded proteins misfolded proteins like Alzheimer or prion disease,’said Buhimschi. ‘This might the foundation for new therapies order to reduce the burden of this disease. ‘.