And that was 12 per cent.

However Jneid and colleagues adjusted for these differences and found that the women still have a higher relative risk of hospital death compared to men, and that was 12 per cent.

This compared with the situation ten years ago, when a higher overall a higher overall mortality rate after heart attack than men. This suggests that the hospitals decide treatments for evidence of improved survival after a heart attack. College of Medicine many not gone far enough in the treatment of severe heart attack, as Jneid says:.Naming autistic as of a national the public health crisis, tell to Center for Disease Control and Prevention that a up in 150 American children are diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorders. Affecting four times many boys as girls, in Los Angeles diagnosis of autism has extended tenfold in the past decade.

. We hope that identification of these genes are new insight into that which underlying autistic, added Swiftly. We are optimistic to this approach run to improved interventions for autistic children and higher quality of life for their families. .