Also concentrated on derivatives of tree bark.

For example, spruce bark contains large quantities of stilbenes have numerous beneficial effects on health. Natural sources natural sources of stilbenes has in recent years studies intensified primarily on resveratrol that have proven a potent antioxidant, has focused it’s been shown to prevent the development of cancer and prolong cell lifespan, Bjarne Holmbom says. Resveratrol is also found in the bowl of red grapes and hence in red wine.. Antioxidants in barkstudies of Wood Material Science and Engineering Research Program has Holmbom under the direction, also concentrated on derivatives of tree bark. Bark contains a variety of bioactive protective substances.

In addition, the rising price of oil is threatening the petrochemical industry. It is now high time for new chemical production based on wood and other biomass-based natural materials, develop where to renewable materials using environmentally friendly processes and natural materials and natural chemical products, other words, the chemical industry moves gradually moves gradually from petro to bio , ie from brown to green chemistry, natural chemistry Holmbom concluded..20 180 results of to Early Stage Yale ovarian cancers Blood testing 99 percent Precise.

Laboratory Corporation of Americ Holdings announced that it Yale University in has published the results its phase II trials on a blood trial released early detection of Brain Cancer. Six biomarkers, this blood testing is between the diseases – women free and ovarian cancer patients with high specificity be distinguished and hypersensitivity . The Phase III study is underway and should be finished in a few months.