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Cobra emergencies committee has once again met with Prime Minister Gordon Brown to discuss the recent outbreaks of foot and mouth disease in Britain. After the meeting, Dr Debby Reynolds, Chief Veterinary Officer, the BBC, the farmer in this latest case, prompt action click to see more . She added that the vigilance of farmers is crucial for containment of the disease. She addedare the absolute front line of defense and step up in partnership with the Animal Health and of course work in this protected area, to see if it. Other evidence of local spread ‘.

Latest case, in Surrey Slaughtered After foot and mouth disease confirmed, EnglandAfter a flock tested positive for foot-and-mouth disease in Beaumont College Farm, Old Windsor, Surrey / Berkshire border, England, 40 cattle were destroyed. This outbreak is established within the last 3 km protection zone after previous cases in the area – this new case is the fourth in the last two weeks. – by Defra , this now the sixth infected premises August 2007. August 2007. The new protection and surveillance zones can be part of the Queen ‘s estate in Windsor are in the protection zone within the protection zone.

Sen. Charles Grassley demand the , the Government Accountability Office launches an inquiry into whether FDA act reasonably when granted accelerated approval by Genentech breast cancer Avastin is catastrophic impact on America’s ability on developing new medicines, Mark Thornton – the former staff physician in which FDA Office of Oncology Drug Products and president of the Sarcoidosis Foundation of America – writes in Wallstreet opinion of opinion pieces.

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