According to Stanley Goldstein.

Physicians agree that allergic diseases can be controlled and symptoms symptoms or at least minimized. According to Stanley Goldstein, one of the largest obstacles that family doctors put in the treatment of patients with allergies is time pressure.

Another problem when trying the patients treated themselves that their efforts can be expensive Goldstein says: The question is a question of what costs more – to see a doctor for better treatment or self – medicating jump from may not have received, self medicating option option and will not improve the condition of the patients I have been patient. Visit me on their allergies after trying to treat themselves and some have said, ‘ if only I had known that I already good, I would good, I would come earlier, I have.The highest dose of Valporic acid put and phenobarbital have the highest risk to the fetus, with particularly high rates of birth defects in pregnancy subjected valproic recorded acidity 1,500 mg is per day or longer. The authors caution: The should be stressed however, matter what of four study drug was prescribed, the vast majority to the female gave birth perfect healthy children. *.

The study uses dates to the International Registry of AEDs and pregnant and contain three thousand nine hundred and nine pregnancies are. In addition total of 230 pregnancies severe malformations severe abnormalities found until the end of the first year after birth. An increase in the rate of congenital defect has been specified with increasing approved dose for all drugs. The price was the lowest. At low doses which drugs Lamotrigin and carbamazepine .. Delivered To find out more proof, the researchers studied of the link between the use by carbamazepine, lamotrigine, sodium valproate and phenobarbitone in different dosages and risk of severe malformations unborn recognize to the end first year after birth.