A phase I study.

Potters. We are delighted that the North has Shore – LIJ Health System, the technology and the know-how to offer to this before a different center in the metropolitan region. Our hope is that it an early stage of an early stage of prostate treatment protocol that is effective, safe and fast.. A phase I study, the safety of the treatment, so that the first cohort of seven to 15 patients will receive five moderate doses of SRS. Side effects, if at all, only very carefully monitored. If the doses are well tolerated, the expertisehort will received five higher dose, and again the side effects are carefully monitored.

Patients involved in the study volunteers are first screened to determine if they are eligible, according to which they give their consent. Treatment can begin coordinated by research nurse Sara Parise.Having enhancements in cancer in the last two decades, child have to live longer with soft tissue sarcomas. Various studies have reported that this children are an increased risk of second cancer, however estimates of risk parameters have very, highly varied and ranging from 3 to 13 times risk of the general population. In addition, by the small size which many previous studies have only a few risks to the type of soft tissue sarcoma evaluated or have estimated risks to or not specific second cancers.

In such recent study has concluded that St. John’s wort may , in fact, in treating in the treatment of people with minor depression .