A multi-national biopharmaceutical company developing nanomedicine vaccines.

– ‘Biological activity of DermaVir depends upon its nanomedicine formulation that followed for a strong expression of plasmid DNA – encoded antigens in phase I and II studies, DermaVir formulation required on-site mixture of three separate components of patient management. Herein we report the development of a stable single liquid nanomedicine formulation, a significant milestone in the development of global product commercially DermaVir as HIV / AIDS to treat ‘the-art PhD and CEO of Genetic Immunity.. VaccinesImmunity develops unique nanomedicine formulation for DermaVir therapeutic vaccine for HIV / AIDSGenetic Immunity, a multi-national biopharmaceutical company developing nanomedicine vaccines, announces publication of the Company’s innovative work to develop a stable liquid formulation providing a novel nanomedicine.

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Christie M. Ballantyne, director of atherosclerosis and vascular medicine at BCM and senior author study , added in that where identify identify who is an risk of a stroke, we are strong have proof that will help the food, exercise, smoking settings and drugs of blood pressure and cholesterol for preventing stroke. . Funding for this study came from the National HeartStart, Lung and Blood Institute and Glaxo Smith Kline.