The investment is the first by the Technology Strategy Board-managed Stratified Medicine Innovation Platform , an initiative to support an investment of more than 50 million over five years in innovative research and development to be done? The focus of this research includes tumor profiling of cancer treatment and development of biomarkers for more effective drugs to improve.

Published. Kaiser Family Foundation. 2005 Advisory Board Company and Kaiser Family Foundation. All rights reserved.. 12,000 householdsne survivors for Medicaid, SCHIP in Georgia Applied than 3,800 Hurricane Katrina survivors now Atlanta Atlanta have Medicaid or SCHIP coverage , which used Georgia. Department of Community Health, said on Thursday Morris Morris / Augusta Chronicle. The department is ‘basically explained by the refugees simply that they are now Georgia residents and are unable for health care for health care, ‘says Morris / Chronicle. State Community Health Commissioner Tim Burgess said eligibility for hurricane survivors for at least a year on to add that he will continue to grow the number of receivers expected.Running around the nation to come onto the wire Tuesdays and the contentious health law continue to to play role in the campaign.

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