2 the Royal Society of Health is with the Royal Institute of Public Health be merging soon http://www.priligy4u.com.

2 the Royal Society of Health is with the Royal Institute of Public Health be merging soon, the Royal Society for Public Health became http://www.priligy4u.com .

34 the new organization recently recently Royal Charter granted to the RSH is director of a national HPV education program funded by an educational grant from Sanofi Pasteur MSD5 HPV & cervical teaching & learning resource and the HPV and cervical cancer the Basics the Basics brochure is available for download at6th The Learning Resource will be of interest to school and practice nurses, Healthy Schools coordinators local school improvement teams, local health promotion team, sexual health teams and pharmacist PSHE. The resource pack includes a comprehensive teacher’s guide and four complete lesson plans together with supporting source material and IWB PowerPoint presentations for use in the personal, social and health education, sex and relationship education and science curriculum.


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